Masker@ logo

Masker@ logo is your anonymous mail relay

With Masker@, you can create temporary email aliases which will forward incoming letters to your inbox.


Hide your real email address

Every alias acts like a separate email address – you can't be tracked and identified across different services

Block spammers with one click

Getting too much spam from somebody? Just deactivate the alias!

Spam protection

Every email is checked before it reaches your inbox

Fully encrypted

All communication happens over SSL encryption. We do not store emails, and your login information is stored on our servers securely.


We don't analyze or share your data with anyone, and we make sure neither do any third parties we work with


All parts of the service are transparent and open-source – you can find us on GitHub

Use cases

Prevent spam

Hide your identity

Bypass sign up popups with ease

Alternative to temporary mail

How it works


Masker@ works by creating new, unique email addresses (aliases) for you. Every time one of these addresses receives a message, we check it for spam and forward it to your real email if it has passed all checks.

That way, nobody knows your real email address. You can disable or delete an alias with one click if you are receiving too many emails from someone.

We get unwanted emails.
It's time to stop it.

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